MasterEmaco 1500HCR Self-Consolidated - Two-component, self-consolidating repair mortar

Formerly: Zero-C Self Consolidating Mortar


How does MasterEmaco 1500HCR Self-Consolidated work?

MasterEmaco 1500HCR Self-Consolidated is a two-component, self-consolidating, shrinkage-compensated, cementitious repair mortar containing an integral corrosion inhibitor designed for application from 45 to 90°F (7.2 to 32° C). It provides excellent bond, optimized cracking resistance, resistance to sulfates and chlorides, low permeability, and high-compressive strength.

Recommended uses:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Large volume structural repairs
  • Repair or replacement of concrete elements
  • Architectural repairs

What are the unique features of MasterEmaco 1500HCR Self-Consolidated?

  • Self-consolidating
  • Provides a smooth, near defect-free surface
  • Ideal for form and pump or pour repair methods

What are the benefits of MasterEmaco 1500HCR Self-Consolidated?

  • Resists cracking due to shrinkage and restraint
  • Very low chloride permeability and an integral corrosion inhibitor protects reinforcing steel
  • Freeze/thaw durable so it creates durable repairs
  • Shrinkage compensation minimizes stresses on the bond line

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